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This site was born from my wish to write a book with my own original music compositions.

As a result, my first book The Secrets of the Pebbles was created. The Secrets of the Pebbles is my first serious piece of writing and I am most proud to be pioneering a new concept in reading through the poetry, music, photos and narrative contained in all of my books.

My second book called Christmas in the Aeolian islands (Natale nelle Eolie) is a book with my own music CD. In this book I also ventured into the task of illustrating it myself. The book (and CD with narrations and music) is in both English and Italian. The Italian version and the beautiful narrations on the CD are by Gaetano Rando. This book and CD is suitable for people aged from 2 to 100+. This is the story of one modern-day grandfather (nonno) who remembers what Christmas was like when he was a child in the Aeolian Islands and also gathers the memories of others of his vintage. (Released October 2015)

My third book entitled Photographs is the sequel to The Secrets of the Pebbles. The story Photograph is contained in a new publication titled Filicudi facts fiction and fantasy compiled by me and Gaetano Rando. It is accompanied by yet another new music CD. This is an anthology of stories written about the island of Filicudi in which both The Secrets of the Pebbles and Photographs is set.

(Released December 2015)

It seems that the Aeolian Islands continue to inspire me, and my next book with music CD – “The Lemon Tree”, is now well on its way to completion. This creative journey of mine is one I love sharing with others and I look forward to bringing joy to the many who continue to enjoy my work and encourage me to “just keep on creating”!

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