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The Secrets of the Pebbles

Note. This book is currently out of print. If you would like to be notified if the book is reprinted please send a message to the seller.

It was originally my wish to pass our history on to our children, but somewhere over the years that I have worked on this story it redefined itself and became an intriguing story that spans the years 1940 to 1995.

The Story

The Secrets of the Pebbles is a story of romance and intrigue, filled with photos of the place in which the story is set, Filicudi – the captivating small volcanic island located north-east of Sicily, Italy.

When in 1940, Italy is thrust into World War II, the 17 year old Francesca who lives on the tiny almost desolate island of Filicudi located north of Sicily, is separated from her lover who is sent to fight. When she discovers she is pregnant, she refuses to divulge the father’s name.

Not only are others implicated as a result of her secretiveness, but many more secrets are uncovered, gossip gets out of hand and still more scintillating tales emerge. Francesca’s secret becomes a link to the secrets of others, and inch by inch the ramifications of secrets that extended through two generations begin to emerge.

When a long hidden manuscript is by uncanny chance discovered in 1995, the pieces of a giant jigsaw eventually come together, with total unpredictability. Here is a read guaranteed to keep readers hooked to the very last line!

The Soundtrack

The CD that accompanies the book consists of eight music tracks which I composed during the process of writing this book and a poem written and spoken in the Filicudare dialect. An English translation of the poem can be found in the book. The closer I came to the end of writing the book, the more the melodies came to me.

The tracks were written simply because they found their way to me from whatever place in one’s heart all music and poetry ever written comes. I could almost hear the music as I wrote the book, and decided I would try to capture it for readers’ added enjoyment.

May those who listen find a place that is not only close to my heart but a place that also finds its way into your own. My greatest hope is that the music fills the gaps that my words could not.

The genius, arranging and gifted musicality of Clive Lendich were second to none in helping me to breathe extraordinarily beautiful life into the tracks.