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Christmas in the Aeolian Islands (Natale nelle Eolie)

I wrote the music track to Christmas in the Aeolian Islands (Natale nelle Eolie) in the Christmas of 2014.

After sharing the first (then very raw) version of the music with immediate family and fellow Filicudari that same Christmas, I received many messages suggesting this be made available as a book with music. Hence “Christmas in the Aeolian Islands” (Natale nelle Eolie) was born. This book with music and beautiful narrations in both Italian and English by Gaetano Rando, who wrote the Italian version for the book, was also illustrated by me (necessity in this case really was the mother of invention!).


Listen to a sample of Christmas in the

Aeolian Islands narrated CD with music

English version

Italian version

I particularly love this book as it not only passes on our heritage to the many thousands of Italian Isolani now spread across the globe, but also allows the younger generation of children who are of Eolian Islands descent, to listen to and read the Italian when their only language is now English, or English when their only language is Italian. For me it serves as a beautiful link of our shared heritage with the younger generations of Italian Eoliani.

It is a special and unique Christmas gift. In the coming year I would also love to make this book and CD available for purchase on the Aeolian Islands themselves.

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