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Books & Music

The Secrets of the Pebbles

This book is almost entirely historical fiction with minor references to anecdotal snippets of stories I have heard that add historical interest and a sense of authenticity to its contents. The book is accompanied by a CD of eight musical tracks and a poem recited in the Filicudare dialect.

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Christmas in the Aeolian Islands (Natale nelle Eolie)

Christmas in the Aeolian Islands (Natale nelle Eolie) is written in both Italian and English. The story, music and illustrations are by Diana Santamaria. The Italian version was written by Gaetano Rando and his beautiful narrations in English and in Italian are on the music CD which accompanies this book. This is the simple easy-to-follow large-print story of one modern-day grandfather (nonno) who remembers what Christmas was like when he was a child and life was lived simply in the Aeolian Islands. The reading age best suited is primary school. Content suits anyone from ages 2 to 100+ . This book makes an absolutely beautiful Christmas gift especially to people of Italian Aeolian heritage of which there are many thousands of us now scattered across the globe. (Released September 2015)

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Filicudi facts fiction and fantasy

(Compiled by Gaetano Rando and Diana Santamaria

with a new music CD by Diana Santamaria)

This is an anthology of stories, first hand-accounts, historical facts and fantasy inspired by, based in and written about Filicudi. It includes writings by Anthony Bonica, John J. Bonica, Paolo Chicco, June Dally-Watkins, Renato Girlando, Pablo Mustienes, Diana Santamaria, Roland Zoss and some short oral stories in the Filicudi dialect collected by Rita La Cava. This book is in English which includes translations from various authors whose original work was in Italian or dialect.

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Literary and Social Diasporas: An Italian Australian Perspective

(Edited by Gaetano Rando and Gerry Turcotte)

This is a collection of essays written on aspects of the literature, culture and history of the Italian Australian community that focus on how the community’s story has emerged and evolved in its own unique way and demonstrates how in some respects it might be possible to define Australia as an Italian space very much inscribed and described by the many voices that characterise it. Among the essays included are “Australia Cane – Fifty Years Later” by Pino Bosi, “Expressions of the Calabrian Diaspora in Calabrian Australian Writing” by Gaetano Rando, “Growing up Italian and Making Movies” by Jan Sardi and “The Aeolian Diaspora” by Peter Tesoriero. (Published in 2007)

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Emigrazione e Letteratura – Il Caso italoaustraliano by Gaetano Rando

This is the first and to date only comprehensive detailed in-depth study of poetry, narrative, theatre, cinema and life-writing produced by Italians who have migrated to Australia and their descendants covering a period that ranges from the mid-19th century to the beginning of the new millennium. The book was written in Italian and published in Italy because of the acceptance and interest of Italian publishers and academics at a time when Australian publishing concerns displayed very little interest in this topic. (Published in 2004)

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Photographs by Diana Santamaria

This is the sequel to The Secrets of the Pebbles. Francesca’s vision causes her to return to Filicudi immediately. More secrets are revealed as she searches for the father of her child in the ensuing days. Photographs is contained in the publication Filicudi: Facts Fiction and Fantasy.